This is one of my favorite commercials of all time. The title is simply “Speech”. It was produced in 1990, but three decades later it still rings true. Substitute ‘fax’ with ‘text’ or ‘email’ and the message is as loud and clear now as it was then.

The world is different now. We are emerging from the worst pandemic in over a century and some things have certainly changed forever. Working from home and video meetings have changed the way business is done. Changes come from extraordinary times. Jet engines and radar were the result of World War II. Do you sleep on a memory foam mattress, or do you or a loved one depend on an insulin pump? Thank the space program and our race to the moon for that technology, among others.

One flower that has grown out of the pile of manure we have been dealing with these many months is that businesses were forced to find efficiencies and productivity in a situation that to call difficult would be the understatement of this young century.

As we start to emerge from these dark times, remember things will NEVER be the way they once were, but that does not mean that the foundation of a business relationship has changed.

I believe in using technology to be more efficient (I do not use a typewriter and sold off the ditto machine a long time ago), but there is something to be said for connection and for going the extra mile in a business relationship.

As progress usually teaches us. Those who blend the new technology with old fashioned fundamentals usually come out on top.

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