• Rob Simpson

Chess, Checkers and Social Media

Social Media has many wonderful benefits. Immediacy, direct engagement and the ability to specifically target your message are but a few. In the hands of someone familiar with how all these platforms work your brand can take on a new luster. However, a funny thing happened on the way to Social Media Nirvana, many of our Social Media friends became public companies who have legions of shareholders and these shareholders have a funny habit of wanting to know about every dollar that comes in and goes out.

The point is that Social Media companies (just look at Facebook) have slowly been monetizing their offerings for businesses. Gone are the days when every person who ‘liked’ your company Facebook page sees every post. The good news is if you’re willing to pay for some ‘boost’ those who like your post and their friends will have a greater likelihood of seeing your message.

While you may have great Social Media content that doesn’t mean you’re reaching everyone you think you are reaching. To do that you need to fork over cash and that’s where it becomes important to know what works. Almost all Social Media platforms provide data on performance. It’s part of their sales strategy. What you need is to be able to interpret that data in order to make the best decisions about where to invest your resources. It’s like the difference between Chess and Checkers. With so many options and choices to be made you need to be two to three moves ahead at all times.

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