• Rob Simpson

Small Details Can Make the Difference

I was walking the other day and passed a local health club. There was a sandwich board on the sidewalk promoting the cafe’s soft drink and smoothie offerings. Only one problem. The arrow on the sign was pointing to the hotel across the street. Wanting to help, I walked in and spoke to the woman at the front desk. Her reply, “We don’t run the café, you’ll have to like go over there.” Terrific I thought, I’m going to get to do a good deed. I walked into the café and told the person there that the sandwich board they had outside was pointing the wrong way. Her response, “We don’t sell sandwiches.” (I swear this is a true story, you just can’t make stuff like this up) After the third time of trying to explain my point I gave up, politely wished her a nice day and went on my way.

Moral of the story: Everyone in your business is a reflection of your brand. Entry-level employees may not be the most polished but they are on the front lines interacting with your customers. It’s a competitive world out there and any edge is important. It’s well worth the extra effort to teach your employees how to represent your business, or at least which way to point a sign.

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