• Rob Simpson

The Value of Regular Communication

It is better to communicate with business associates on a regular, consistent basis than to go on sporadic mass communication bursts. This seems a simple enough concept but I believe it falls into that infamous category “Simple but not Easy”. Think about it. When business is slow we work like crazy to develop contacts and stimulate business. Then, lo and behold, we get  some business to work on and all of a sudden we have no time to cultivate and develop contacts.

Get off this roller coaster now! Here’s a suggestion that will help. You’ll need the following items: your email address book, a pad and a writing implement. Start at the top of your list and scroll name by name. When you come to someone you haven’t communicated with in a while write their name down. Also, as you go through the list you may see the name of a person you are in regular contact with but seeing their name will trigger an idea and remind you to get in touch. Once you finish the list carry it with you. You can then do one or both of the following: set an appointment for yourself daily or weekly to send emails and/or when you have downtime during the day take out the list and send a few emails. When you do the math it’s not all that hard. Say your list has 100 names. Over 10 weeks you’d only have to send 10 emails per week or two per day. You can set the cycle for as long or short a time frame as will work best for you. No more than once a month and no less than once a quarter is a good rule of thumb. Can you honestly say you can’t send two emails a day? Try this once and see what happens.

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