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Changing the Marketing World, One Wave at a Time

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Waverider Communications was founded in 2012 to serve as a Marketing Agency for small to mid-sized businesses, offering well over a quarter-century of Marketing, Advertising, and Sales experience to a segment of businesses that have generally not had access to this type of expertise.


Our approach is simple. We take the time to determine our client's needs. We are not a 'one size fits all' shop. We work with our clients to determine their goals and their competitive advantage, then work to plot the best course of action to help them reach their desired destination.


Businesses rely on Accountants, Bankers, Insurance Agents, and Lawyers for their specific skill sets. We believe that Marketing should also have a seat at the table. After all, Marketing delivers revenue. The revenue businesses need to pay their Accountants, Bankers, Insurance Agents, and Lawyers, with some left over for profit!


Please feel free to surf our website and contact us with any questions. 

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