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Streaming TV Ads

79% of 18+ viewers in the US are Streamers

42% of 18+ viewers in the
US have replaced traditional TV with streaming

Consumption  of Connected TV (streaming) surpassed
10 BILLION hours in January 2022, nearly doubling over 3 years

What does all this mean?

It's no surprise that the way media is consumed has changed, and is continuing to change drastically. When ad-supported streaming services were launched they were the exclusive domain of the national giants of advertising, primarily because their commercials could only be seen nationally and commanded the huge budgets you would expect for a national campaign. The small to mid-size advertiser was priced out of reaching the ever-increasing streaming audience.

Until now.

Streaming technology has now advanced to the point of hyper-targeting a message to an area as small as a zip code, and to narrow that audience down even further demographically to enable businesses of all sizes to reach their target markets more cost-effectively than has ever been possible.

Waverider Communications is an Official Hulu Advertising Manager. We have the ability to create, place, and manage advertising campaigns to deliver results.

Not to bury the lead, but this is an opportunity that every business needs to explore.

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