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Agency of Record

Point guard. Quarterback. Conductor of the orchestra. They all create, distribute, and direct. They turn many pieces into one coherent vision. This is the way we look at the role of Agency of Record. The Agency of Record acts as a primary consultant, advisor, strategist, and sometimes therapist, to businesses regarding their marketing, advertising, and sales efforts.


While we believe in staying on top of new trends, technologies, and opportunities, we do not become so infatuated with the current “flavor of the month” that we take our eye off the ball concerning our clients’ needs.


We begin with a deep dive, review what a business needs, and then direct an overall strategy. What that strategy is depends on what the client needs. Some may need the newest and hottest thing out there and some may just need a really good print ad. What works for some does not work for all. Our job is to find out what is needed and devise a plan using whatever tools are necessary to get the job done.


We review opportunities, brainstorm ideas, field outside inquiries regarding marketing, advertising, and sales, make recommendations and implement what we collaboratively agree is the best strategy.


How our relationship with a client develops depends on their needs. No off the rack solutions here, everything is tailor made.


As the saying goes, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”


Let's take that step together.

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