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Digital Marketing

Email Marketing
Email may not be the newest thing in Digital Marketing, but in a world measured nano seconds its staying power is undeniable. The trick is to effectively use email. One of the best ways to create customer loyalty is through email. It is important to remember that sending tens of thousands of emails does not constitute a successful campaign. On many levels it is best to have a tight, qualified email list for each specific offering or message. We've done a large number of email campaigns and consistently outperform industry averages.

Social Media Marketing

Establishing a Social Media Presence is only one-third of the equation when it comes to using these platforms effectively. Step one is, yes, the creation of your Social Media identity. Step two is creating content on a regular basis and making sure it is posted in a timely fashion. Step three is the step most often overlooked. If you have a presence and post regularly you still need the analysis component of the equation to make sure you are reaching your audience effectively. Interpreting metrics correctly will allow you to make the right decisions regarding which advertising to invest in, what advertising to invest in, what platforms to invest in, and how to achieve the best return on investment.

Mobile Advertising
Three things people never leave home without are their wallet, keys, and phone. Mobile advertising is growing by leaps and bounds. Served ads, text marketing campaigns, and continuity of online advertising. We find the best ways to get your message to your target audience through their most trusted device.

Retargeted Ads
Retargeting enables you to reach people already familiar with your business, those who have looked you up online, and keeps your business top of mind when they are surfing the web. Perhaps a potential customer wasn't ready to  buy, or they were comparison shopping. By creating continual awareness of your business, you will be the one they think of when it comes time to make the buying decision. We are also on top of new laws regarding internet privacy to make sure you are always in compliance.

Every day companies pour millions of dollars into finding shortcuts to get the first listing on Google. And every day Google spends millions of dollars to create new algorithms to negate the shortcuts. It has become a very expensive arms race paid for by advertisers. We strive to stop the madness. We optimize and market search the old fashioned way, we earn it. We use a combination of key words, advertising, and quality content to build awareness at a pace that doesn't change with the winds. Solid, logical, cost-effective plans that deliver results over the long haul.


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