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Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing began, on a national scale, in the early 1980's when American Express partnered with the nonprofit group that was raising funds to restore the Statue of Liberty.

American Express gave a portion of every purchase through its credit card to the cause plus an additional donation for every new application resulting in a new credit card customer.

The results are now legendary: the Restoration Fund raised over $1.7 million, and American Express card use rose 27%. New card applications increased 45% over the previous year. All this was accomplished with a three-month campaign.

Now, companies have fully embraced what is called “doing well while doing good”. Research shows that more than 84% of global consumers want to buy socially or environmentally responsible products and services.

Waverider Communications assists with the following types of Cause Related Marketing campaigns:


​Underwritten Public Service Announcements

Social Media Marketing Programs

Product Sales


Co-branding Events and Programs

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