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Case Study: Non-Profit In Need

The Situation

Community Work Services is a Boston non-profit that has been in existence since 1878. For most of that time it was an organization doing tremendous public service in virtual anonymity. The organization needed to attract donors and interest without a huge budget.


The Process

We sat down with CWS and reviewed the many great things the organization had in its favor. We discovered that the best way to show CWS’s value was to showcase it’s finished products, graduates of the various programs. These individuals told their own stories, in their own words, looking directly into the camera. Their stories are touching, inspirational and most importantly, tell the audience why they should support CWS. But there was a hitch. The first video needed to be produced within two weeks in order to be shown at the Annual Chili Cup at Faneuil Hall. The pre-production, shooting, editing, scoring and final delivery of the video was completed two days ahead of schedule.

The Result

Two videos were produced featuring CWS graduates. Their stories truly are moving and inspirational. The videos have been featured on the CWS website and have been used in multiple presentations.

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